Is It Possible To Get A Microloan On A Credit Card

Microfinance organizations issue short-term loans with convenient ways of transferring funds, among which a loan to a credit card is popular. Thanks to it, customers can solve problems around the clock, without leaving home.

Advantages of loans at stake

Advantages of loans at stake

The choice of millions of Russians regarding microloans to the card is not accidental because of the advantages. Among them:

  • fast registration only on the passport;
  • instant receiving without queues and long waits;
  • low number of checks;
  • the absence of additional fees;
  • untargeted character;
  • some Payday Loans give first loans for free;
  • lack of security;
  • high percentage of approval of applications.

Operations are performed online at a convenient time for the client. The use of remote technology opens up access to the service to residents of small and remote cities in which there is no bank branch. When transferring to a card, you can immediately use the money to the destination.

Important: operations involving the receipt of money are protected from unauthorized access by third parties, and the Payday Loans are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of personal information of clients.


Card requirements

Payday Loans do not work with all bank cards – in order to rely on a microcredit, you need to make sure that the card meets the general requirements:

  • nominal, issued in the name of the owner;
  • active with any positive balance required for verification;
  • support of Visa, MasterCard and Mir substations;
  • not virtual.

Before receiving borrowed funds, the card must be verified on the Payday Loan website; for this, there must be any positive balance on the card account. After the introduction of the “plastic” details, a small amount is blocked on his account, which usually returns to the holder within 24 hours.


Borrower requirements

Borrower requirements

 Apply for microcredit can anyone who has reached the age of majority. Payday Loans work with all types of clients. Organizations give out money even to those people with whom banks often don’t cooperate – pensioners, students, or people with bad financial standing. The main thing is that the client should have Russian citizenship and be registered in one of the country’s regions.

Reduce the likelihood of failure will help provide correct information. Each creditor conducts its own scoring and the discrepancy of data may cause a negative decision.


How to get a microloan

To obtain a loan, registration is required on the website of a microfinance organization. It is required to fill in a small questionnaire, including standard data:

  • Full Name;
  • contact number;
  • E-mail address.

Successful authorization opens access to a personal account in which information on the lender’s offer is posted – the size of the credit limit and the timing of a microloan. With this service, the client can apply for a microcredit. It must specify:

  • the required amount;
  • term;
  • method of transferring funds to a bank card.

The decision on the provision of borrowed funds is made within a few minutes and the customer receives a text message. Transfer to the card is instantaneous, so the whole procedure of registration with registration takes 15-25 minutes.

Important: Payday Loan websites have a free online calculator that helps calculate the overpayment for a loan, taking into account the interest rate and terms.


Ways to repay a microcredit

Ways to repay a microcredit

 For the convenience of customers, microfinance organizations support many ways to return funds, of which:

  • bank card;
  • payment systems “Contact”, “Eleksnet” and others;
  • in cash through payment terminals or the Yandex.Money system;
  • online wallet;
  • bank transfer.

In case of financial difficulties, the extension of the loan is permitted, subject to the payment of accrued interest during the use of borrowed funds. Many creditors are allowed to pay off the debt ahead of time, requiring the sending of a written statement.

Important: after the successful return of the debt, the client can improve the credit history and count on future cooperation with banks.


Where to draw a microloan on the card

In the microfinance market there is a huge number of lenders offering to issue a loan to the card. Terms of the product are different and do not always meet the interests of borrowers. There are fraudulent companies, driving not very knowledgeable citizens into debt bondage.

Avoid the risk and choose the best offer help sites aggregators, for example, It only publishes information about audited Payday Loans that have a positive financial reputation and work legally. The selection of the lender is carried out on the main indicators that determine the type of product:

  • microcredit size;
  • maximum term;
  • interest rate (per day);
  • key customer requirements.

You can additionally read the information on the Payday Loan of interest and, via a direct link, go to the official website of the Payday Loan for processing a microloan.

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