Balance overdraft facility with credit

Would you like to offset your overdraft facility with credit? Are you one of those people who just want to save interest? Or is your house bank behind the request?

We present you with overdraft debt restructuring as a credit saving model. Find out how big the savings potential is and when you should act at the latest. Also what you can do if your house bank advises you to change your debt.

Balancing overdraft facility with credit – the curse of permanent liquidity

Balancing overdraft facility with credit - the curse of permanent liquidity

The majority of the desire to offset the overdraft facility with credit is not due to a large current investment. About half of all people who use their disposition are stuck in the dispo trap. The blessing of permanent liquidity becomes a curse. Most of the time unnoticed the checking account slips deeper and deeper into the red numbers. Any resistance to actionist attempts to save will nip the high overdraft interest in the bud.

Without rescheduling the overdraft facility on an installment loan, most “notorious” overdrafts can no longer master the situation. Everyone complains about the high overdraft interest. Just doing something early against the overdraft facility is largely lacking the drive. With an average good credit rating, there is no external reason. No impetus is to be expected from the house bank. It earns extraordinarily well from the “overdraft facility” credit model.

If all customers would offset their overdraft facility with credit, it would be a disaster for credit institutions. The banks lost about 80 percent of their interest income compared to the short-term loan. Overdraft rates, measured on the installment loan, are about five times as high. The majority of banks collect at least 10 percent APR for the overdraft facility. Installment credit in the same amount would be granted from 1.79 percent.

Debt rescheduling – when is it time?

Debt rescheduling - when is it time?

An overdraft facility is an important part of every functioning household budget. The quick, uncomplicated short-term loan easily buffers unexpected expenses. But, the disposition cannot be a permanent solution. Short-term loans are too expensive for this. Overdrafts that would be balanced within a few weeks – about 3 months – would not be critical. If it takes longer, action may be required.

Within such a short time window, even the low effort to apply for an installment loan is not worthwhile. Apart from the fact that normal installment loans with a term of at least 12 months would be taken out. The minimum loan amount of most loan providers is 1,000 USD for the installment loan. This means that two parameters have already been established as to when it will be worthwhile to make up for an overdraft facility with credit.

According to statistics, the limit values ​​mentioned have long been exceeded for the average account overdraft. Around 3,000 USD of permanent overdraft permanently push “statistical overdrafts” in front of them. The recognizable problem of excessive interest claims by the house bank could be solved comfortably within 48 hours. Any good free loan comparison offers suitable loans. You wouldn’t even have to leave the house. (Video ID).

Overdraft facility compensation – the house bank warns

Overdraft facility compensation - the house bank warns

If the house bank reminds the overdraft facility, it can be completely uncritical or grow into a real credit problem. The warning is not critical if the borrower’s personal credit line is far from being exhausted. Even with otherwise good or very good creditworthiness, it happens that credit institutions warn to balance the account. This is the case when the credit model, depending on income and personal creditworthiness, is exhausted.

For ordinary workers, it becomes critical if the overdraft facility grows above double the net income. For civil servants, this is not the end of the line. It takes up to five times the overdraft salary for the house bank to get nervous. Balancing overdrafts with credit, applying for an installment loan in an uncomplicated manner is usually enough as a simple reaction. It becomes more difficult when the regular credit line is exhausted.

Overdraft facility is not only the most convenient regular loan but the loan model in which the regular house bank takes the greatest possible risk. In plain language, overdraft facilities can be approved, although installment loans of the same amount would not be approved. If the house bank’s reminder to adjust the overdraft facility comes under this condition, it becomes difficult. An installment loan could only come as a special loan from risk-taking providers.

Overdraft facility compensation in difficult cases – the urgent need for action

Overdraft facility compensation in difficult cases - the urgent need for action

The request to reduce the overdraft facility or to clear the account should not be taken lightly if the creditworthiness is poor. Permanent liquidity threatens to be lost. This increases the risk of additional loss of creditworthiness due to temporary insolvency. Especially providers of special loans in difficult cases look into the account statements to sort out precisely such candidates.

Quickly balancing overdrafts with credit changes from the interest-saving model to the effort to maintain the clean credit bureau. Various reputable credit brokers offer possible help in finding a loan. Only the question of which credit intermediary works properly leads to bad feelings among many credit seekers. The hype with which the media “thrash” into the credit brokerage business, rightly and wrongly, is having an effect.

Lender bank is definitely free of scandal. The credit brokerage portal is even mentioned positively, contrary to the other trend, in the media and in serious studies. Borrowers who want to offset their overdraft credit with credit, Lender bank offers two different credit options. Bank credit would be conveyed free of charge via the loan comparison calculator. The alternative in the case of poor creditworthiness is opened by a private loan through Lender bank.

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