Akram Hisso: The Forum Committee is preparing to go to Kurdistan S. – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Under “Via nationalist unity, we will defeat the occupation and block the internal struggles”, a forum was organized by the Nationalist Congress of Kurdistan-Rojava which shed light on the dangers posed historically by the Turkish state and on the reality on the ground that the Kurds must embrace.

Nine recommendations were made by the forum, the most important of which was a call for the Kurdish powers to commit to the 1982 PKK-PDK agreement between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, the PKK, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, as well as an appeal was sent to the “ brothers of the Kurdistan Democratic Party to refrain from sending forces to hot areas preserving intra-Kurdish relations, as well as others calling for dialogue and preventing internal struggles.

In the end a committee was created to discuss the recommendations with all the Kurdish powers throughout Kurdistan.

Akram Hisso, member of the executive body of the Kurdistan Nationalist Congress, KNK-Rojava, indicated that the committee in question is preparing to travel to Southern Kurdistan to discuss the recommendations made with all political parties there. Hisso revealed that contact had been made with some Kurdish powers in southern Kurdistan to give more details.



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