Screenwriters selected for the Screenworks / Australian International Screen Forum workshop

(Left to right from top: Matthew Barker, Lisa Hoppe, Jess Wheatley, Shane Walsh-Smith, Rebecca Ingram, Alica Gwinner, Tracy Richardson, Cate McQuillen)

Eight writers from the Australian region were selected for the Write From Home Screenwriting Workshop, an eight-week online mentoring program offered by the Australian International Screen Forum in New York in partnership with Screenworks.

Five of the writers are from the regional NSW: Cate McQuillen, Jess Wheatley, Rebecca Ingram and Tracy Richardson, all from Northern Rivers, and Lisa Hoppe from the South Coast. Two writers are from the Victoria area, Alica Gwinner and Matthew Barker, and one writer is from ACT, Shane Walsh-Smith.

Participants were selected based on their demonstrated writing talent, the global appeal of each story, and the potential to benefit from development opportunities and connections in the United States.

Led by US-based writers, producers and industry executives, the eight selected participants will now undertake the eight-week workshop to develop their screenplays, then pitch their individual projects to generate interest and representation in the United States.

Mentors include Joey Tuccio, Founder and CEO of Roadmap Writers; Nitza Wilon and Elizabeth Kaiden, co-founders of The Writers Lab; Anne Hubbell, vice president of cinema, Kodak and founder of Tangerine Entertainment; Amy Hobby, Executive Director of the Tribeca Film Institute and Founder of Tangerine Entertainment; Timothy Cooper, Founder and Owner, Blueprint Screenwriting Group and Krysanne Katsoolis Present and CEO, Viewpark.

“We were delighted to hear that all of the reviewers were impressed with the high caliber of applications we received for this program,” said Ken Crouch, CEO of Screenworks.

“Most of the selected participants have already achieved some success in Australia and will undoubtedly benefit from the development of their projects to take advantage of opportunities in the United States. “

Laura D’Augello, AISF Producer and Industry Programs, said: “The Australian International Screen Forum looks forward to our new partnership with Screenworks to bring together this series of workshops to provide a connection between the Australia and New York Market for these 8 Outstanding Australian Writers Selected. The WFH workshop will provide resources in script development activities and international mentoring opportunities at a time when Covid-19 has profoundly impacted our industry. “

The selected participants and projects are:

Alica gwinner, feature film Mrs. Greer: A determined and passionate young woman from the Melbourne suburbs of the 1950s writes a feminist manifesto that redefines what it means to be a modern woman.

Cate mcquillen, TV shows The Hitsquad: is a creative collective – practical, passionate and fifteen years old. It starts with a skipping rope and a cardboard box and ends with a number one hit.

Jess wheatley, TV shows Alternate: Upon the death of her father, the resentful daughter of a renowned fantasy author returns to her sweltering hometown to discover that the monsters in her father’s books are real and that she is the only line of defense for her. small rural community that she despises.

Lisa Hoppe, feature film Long live la Vida: Married for over thirty years, Kate and Ray Dempsey find themselves in the greatest adventure of their lives, struggling to renegotiate the terms of their love in Mexico; a strange and exotic land.

Matthieu barker, feature film They will come: When a young teacher retreats to a remote mountain town to teach the only child who lives there, she finds herself in a fight for survival against deadly creatures invisible to everyone except her new student.

Rebecca Ingram, TV shows Under Current: When the body of a West Papua activist is found stranded on a remote Australian island, the investigation casts suspicion and fear within the picturesque community, and beyond – and so, with the tide ebbing … The secrets are slowly revealed…. to reveal everyone’s truth.

Shane Walsh Smith, TV shows Surface tension: When the world ends in a nuclear explosion, eight pampered and petty Harcourt family members, confined to their underground bunker, bicker and fight their way through the apocalypse.

Tracy richardson, feature film Enlighten: A comedy about a pompous art critic and art school dropout, with Scrooge’s contempt for Christmas, who must show humility and lead a street to victory in a Christmas lights contest for avoid going bankrupt.

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