Inauguration of the third workshop of the ASEAN Regional Space Security Forum in Beijing

On November 30, 2015, the third workshop of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) on Space Security co-hosted by China, Laos, Russia and the United States was inaugurated in Beijing. Almost 100 representatives from more than 20 countries including Japan, the Republic of Korea (ROK), Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan as well as members of ASEAN and the EU, United Nations agencies and regional organizations, as well as well-known think tanks from home and abroad were present. Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, detailing China’s position and proposals on space security.

Li Baodong underlined in his speech that the rapid development of space applications and space technologies has greatly promoted the economic development and social progress of all countries and improved the living conditions of the people. All countries should cherish and properly use outer space to make it a new peaceful domain where the international community conducts mutually beneficial cooperation and seeks common development instead of an arena of war full of conflict and strife. He raised 3 important proposals on the concept of space security: the first is to establish a global concept on space security, comprehensively understand the two threats of environmental degradation and obviously the intensification of the militarization of the environment. ‘space. Both threats should receive the same attention and be addressed at the same time; second, establish a balanced concept on space security, negotiate to quickly reach consensus on international legal instruments preventing militarization and the arms race in space, and provide an institutional guarantee for space security. The establishment of confidence-building measures in an appropriate, feasible and voluntary manner could constitute a beneficial addition to the process of arms control in outer space; thirdly, to establish a shared concept on space security, to forge a sense of community of destiny, to abandon the idea of ​​seeking absolute security in space and to ensure that all countries can together create a peaceful and secure environment in outer space and share in the dividends of the peaceful use of outer space.

Ultimately, Li Baodong pointed out that President Xi Jinping advocated a model of fair and equitable security co-constructed and shared by all in the United Nations General Assembly, which not only gave new impetus to the cause. of peace and development in the world, but also offered an important reflection for the common safeguard of space security. China always defends the peaceful use of outer space, fulfills its responsibilities as a space state in a practical way, opposes militarization and the arms race in outer space, and encourages constantly the international community to reach an arms control agreement on the prevention of the militarization of outer space through negotiations. China hopes to join efforts with FRA members in the future to coherently and firmly advance the multilateral space security process by upholding the concept of peace, security and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The workshop is the first international space security meeting hosted by China under the ARF and a significant effort by China to actively participate in global governance of space security. During the 2-day meeting, representatives in attendance will have in-depth discussions on issues such as national space policies, legal means of arms control, transparency and confidence-building as well as security technologies and measures. spatial.

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